We offered a new predictive approach to
increase the quality of the service offered
even further, because when it is a matter of health even excellent is not enough.


Irmet is an image diagnostic centre with PET-CT technology (Positron Emission Tomography – Computerised Tomography). The centre provides nuclear medicine diagnostic services. The centre has:

3 General Electric PET CT (Discovery ST model)
a reception
diagnostics rooms

It was important for our client that the maintenance of the technological systems supporting the centre’s equipment was managed correctly and effectively. However, the essential elements were the complete lack of risks for patients and staff at the centre, along with service continuity.

We redesigned their maintenance service. In fact, their previous corrective maintenance strategy showed various negative factors which, in short, resulted in:

unpredictable work
service interruptions
higher costs of repair
loss of revenue

We therefore decided on preventative maintenance performed at pre-determined intervals to reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and deterioration in the operation of all their equipment and installations. Predictive maintenance helps schedule downtime for the equipment and limit, if not eliminate, any interruptions to the service. To better implement our maintenance strategy, our project manager developed a maintenance plan with a detailed blueprint of the methods and means to be used (staff, equipment, etc), including the control instruments.

A considerable reduction in unscheduled equipment downtime, costs and repair frequency.
A reliable service provided by IRMET and higher quality for users.


Machine downtime
Service quality
Customer satisfaction
Patient satisfaction
Cost impact